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The About me page….an opportunity to spill all or leave mysteriously vague, but which should I choose?

I guess for now I will place myself somewhere in the middle of the continuum just in case this blog makes me rich and famous 🙂

My name is Marise Mishan. I was born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa, an awesome country with the friendliest people and the best weather as well as gastronomic delicacies such as pap, boerewors and biltong and of course Cape TownAfrica‘s Jewel City, all of which we are very proud.

I see the world from a different angle to most people…mainly because I am barely 5 foot 1 but also because I am a compulsive day dreamer and I literally live in my own world most of the time.

I recently completed an MBA which is something none of my friends saw me doing in a gazillion years being a creative type and all that but who doesn’t love a challenge?

Most importantly I am a dancer. This is how I describe myself and although this label wont be usable forever, I will always be a dancer in spirit, because I love it, I live it and I crave it! This is my profession. I currently freelance because there are so few companies in South Africa but also because there is more variety and sometimes more money in freelancing. However, the work is often less challenging especially if, like me, you spent years training in Ballet and Contemporary, literally drawing blood (pointe shoes and blisters), sweat (its dancing) and tears (injuries, politics) to reach a professional level. No trained dancer is happy doing unchallenging work, just like in any profession, it gets boring.

At this point I will boast about some of my career highlights, maybe nobody cares but its my blog and I can brag if I want to.

My top 3 are performing in SA’s High School Musical in Shanghai, Phantom of the Opera in South Africa and Southeast Asia, competing in SA’s So you think you can Dance? and reaching Top 6 and my absolute pride and joy, playing the role of the White Cat in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS!

The best part about being a dancer, I would have to say the stage and the adrenaline rush that comes with it but also the travel opportunities, especially in Musical Theatre. Through dance I have visited the whole of South Africa as well as the Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and China and from touring with Phantom of the Opera I have visited South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. I don’t know when the travel bug bit me but when it did, it bit hard. Travel is something I daydream about on an almost hourly basis. I would say I am reasonably well-travelled. I lived in London for a while and during that time I got to travel Europe with my amazing husband. He took me to Italy, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Switzerland, Norway and Belgium.  We also went to Zanzibar for a romantic getaway and for our honeymoon we went to Thailand. Through my love of yoga I have done yoga retreats in Mozambique and Tanzania and as a child I went to Israel on a school trip. Also, as part of my MBA I got to choose a country to visit in October, Brazil was my choice.

The last bit of info I will divulge is my love of animals. I grew up with pets in the house and I feel kinda funny without a fury friend to cuddle up to at night. I cry in every animal movie I see (Marlee and Me and Hachiko were pure torture!) and I will never wear fur unless I am in -25 degrees celsius weather. While my dream job is to be a travel presenter (whose isn’t?) my other dream job is to be the owner of some kind of animal establishment like a wildlife sanctuary or a zoo although these are less socially acceptable and should generally not be admitted to.

Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed the novel of my life and I hope you enjoy my blog, I really am writing it with an audience in mind!

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  1. Jawaid Islam


    i searched for your blog from google. Actually I am interested in a carnival picture from Rio. Something related to a parade and crowd. Need to use it for an Eng Language textbook for teaching English.

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