A bolgger is born!!

Well I’ve finally done it, started a blog!

Now that I’m ready to conquer the world let me share my ideas for what I hope will be the most intoxicating, adventurous blog out there (why start small?). I have three passions in life, Dance, Travel and Animals. I hope to combine the top two in this blog by providing a running commentary on the world’s greatest festivals! Have you ever wanted to buy a round-the-world ticket, take a gap year and chase all the biggest festivals and parades the world has to offer? Me too but because I am a professional dancer by trade I dont just want to stand by as a casual onlooker, I want to be in them, participate and perform in them…

Imagine having a backstage pass and front row seat to all the weird and wonderfulness of world festivals. Well thats what this blog is all about. I plan on collecting a rich repository of festival info for each month of the year. No festival is safe, no matter how big or small, bizarre or fashionable, they will all get a mention. And if there is way to become a participant in any of them, I will find it!! As I am just a struggling artist, the first of our journey’s together will have to be taken armchair-style. That is until some Prince Travel Channel sweeps me off my feet and plonks me into my dream job as a travel presenter with my own show called Around the World in 80 Dances, a show dedicated to travel through dance.

I love dancing, I really do and the more exotic (not erotic), the better! If you think about it, every major celebration, including parades and festivals, in any country or culture in the world, contains dancing. Dancing is about exprssing yourself, even drunkenly, its about having a good time and just enjoying the fact that your body works and can move. In fact, I hope to discover new forms of dance through my (internet) travels.

So here’s to a year of great adventures, perhaps one being the next real trip we take…

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One thought on “A bolgger is born!!

  1. awesome, looking forward to reading every post!

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